In search for the ELEMENT – Part 2

11 11 2009

It is funny how even feeling the urge for creativity we succeed to follow the most trite patterns of thought: searching for ways to earn my living by any kind of creative activities I didn’t look further than being a professional artist or working in advertising. So I went to study video art and photography, I participated in exhibitions, art festivals, won a couple of prizes and, blinded by fantasies of a glamorous lifestyle, dedicated two years to promote myself as a fashion photographer. But it still didn’t make any sense.

Mind you, the years after quitting my job have been the happiest and the most fulfilling ones of my life. But nevertheless I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I still was trapped in the standard order of values that prevails in our society: fame, success, money. I am strongly convinced that every person bears inside her or his particular talent but we live in a society that does not encourage us to discover and flourish that talent, instead we are being taught the same lecture over and over again: be like others, do like others, think like others. Let me give you one interesting example. When I was about to quit my job I was expecting that the majority of people around me wouldn’t understand my decision: indeed, who gives up such a successful career and such a well-paid job to dedicate oneself to some doubtful artistic pursuit? To my surprise I didn’t receive even one iota of negative feedback. Everyone was saying “Wow! I envy you so much!” And I thought, “Something is wrong here. We don’t live right because we are unhappy”. Since then I have been convinced that the majority of people should follow my example and then we would find ourselves in a completely different society built by realized, fulfilled individuals.




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