CREATIVITY is not just innovation and business problems solving, for me it is an attitude towards life in general, that exact ability to look “outside the box”, so cherished by business people, but applied to any aspect of existence. The problem is that for now most people who do express interest in creativity, consciousness and self-development are the ones who have already opened up to these possibilities of their own evolution. Unfortunately many people are still sure that creative people are those who are artists or who make TV commercials; that spirituality has to do with religious fanaticism or paranormal capabilities; and they are just normal people, and all this stuff, therefore, is not for them. Not because they are not interested but rather because they were subconsciously taught that they are made of different material. And I am sure these prejudices could be overcome with unblocking one’s creative potential. And in the last couple of years I have been looking into methods how to achieve it.

I give photography classes for amateurs. PHOTOGRAPHY for me is another agent that has the power to shift our paradigm of the reality perception. It does develop the skill to be able to look at things from different angles, to be able to tell a different story depending on framing. So to the extent of the discussion above it can have the same role in the human development as creativity does. I have had a chance to observe how my students, who year after year continue coming to my classes, change their attitude towards their activities and towards the possibilities of how things might be faced. There is a woman, a mother of three children, who has made a really stunning breakthrough in unblocking her creativity applied to the photographic language she uses, it is a delight to observe her during brainstorming sessions where she is the first one to suggest the most unusual ideas, and still she says about herself “I am not a creative person”.  Just because her world map is much bigger than her photography map, and the former says in capital letters that she is not creative. I hope that by recalibrating their self-perception in photography step by step I might help them to transform their self-awareness as a whole.

All of this led me to an idea of a creativity school not directed to businessmen or to artists, but to “normal” people, just like my photography students. A school in which creativity will be seen as an instrument of personal development inside the paradigm of the HUMAN EVOLUTION. A school where I would be able to aid people to find their vocation by helping them to unleash their own creative potential. This school does not exist yet but I am on my way.  These are my first steps.


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24 07 2010
Susan Keller-Mathers

LOVE that it’s geared toward everyday creativity and creative people. What a wonderful gift to give people a way to be inspired and express themselves creatively thought photography. There’s this wonderful foreign film where street kids in India where given cameras =- very inspirational and transforming for some of them (and those of us who were able to see things through their eye). I can see where given the permission to express oneself and show others the world through their eyes can be a very powerful gift to give- thanks for sharing this!

19 12 2010
Cheryl Cornett

When i visit a blog, chances are that I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad. On the contrary,I have to say that you have done a good job here.

23 12 2010

Thank you! It’s nice to here that:-) I will try to keep it up;-)

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